Drip coffee makers – why are they popular and what are their advantages

Coffee occupies an honorable place among traditional drinks. Every year its popularity only grows, in addition, coffee is consistently ranked in the top three among the non-alcoholic beverages.

There are many ways and recipes for making coffee. But if we talk about coffee machines, then every year more and more consumers prefer to use a drip coffee maker: they are affordable, easy to use, and the quality of the drink is not inferior to premium coffee machines.

1. How is a drip coffee machine constructed?

Drip type coffee machine (the second name – filtration) consists of a heating panel, evaporator, water tank, container for ground coffee (some models use ground coffee) and filter. The finished drink falls into a classic transparent coffee pot, familiar to many fans of American cinema, although you can use other suitable containers.

2. How is work?

The drip coffee machine is incredibly popular because of the simplicity of its operation: water from the tank evaporates, then the steam condenses and its droplets pass through a filter with coffee grounds. The finished drink in the coffee pot stands on a special induction plate, which guarantees to maintain the temperature of the drink.

Coffee makers of the drip type use ground coffee. Europeans often buy them for the home kitchen or office, while Americans prefer to install them in snack bars. 

3. How to use?

The key to making the best drink in a drip coffee maker is to choose good ground coffee. 

Coffee grounds are poured into a container with a filter – you can use both replaceable paper and stationary mesh filters  – at the rate of 6 grams of coffee per serving (read more about coffee filters here). All that remains is to pour water into the tank and turn on the coffee maker – the machine will do all the basic work itself. When the water is completely evaporated, you can not hurry to enjoy an aromatic drink. The ideal temperature in the coffee pot will provide a heating panel. 

4. What are the advantages of drip coffee makers

The drip coffee maker is an indispensable helper for a large company, because you can easily prepare up to 10 cups of coffee at a time. This is the main advantage of the drip coffee maker, compared to other brewers and geyser coffee makers. The second undeniable advantage is that there is no need to watch over the drip-type electric coffee machine, worrying that the coffee can “run away”: special fuses will not allow such a mishap to occur. 

Often you can hear that such coffee makers have a high consumption of raw materials, and therefore they are not economical. In fact, the amount of coffee and water used is determined by the user, so there is no need to fill the filter to the brim. In addition, many people do not like strong coffee like espresso, while the filter coffee machine provides an opportunity to brew an excellent Americano. It is also worth mentioning that among the models of drip coffee makers, there are compact, which are designed for brewing small volumes of one or two cups: such babies will fit perfectly into the interior of a small kitchen. 

A considerable advantage of filter coffee machines will be a small cost, especially when compared to other electric devices for coffee. A balanced price-performance ratio is nice at any time. 

Natalie S

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