History of Italian brand Bialetti and creation of the famous Moka Express coffee machine

The famous brand from Italy Bialetti was founded by Alfonso Bialetti and is engaged in the production of coffee machines, cookware, small appliances for the kitchen.

Before achieving success in his own business, Alfonso, the founder of the brand, learned to work metal, including aluminum, in an industrial production in France. Ten years later he returned to Italy. From here begins the story of a brand with a worldwide reputation.


Back in his homeland, Alfonso Bialetti founded a small aluminium workshop in Piedmont. The business turned out to be successful and soon turned into Alfonso Bialetti & Co, which owned a foundry in Conquilla.


Bialetti comes up with a revolutionary idea that would later take the company to a leading position in the industry: the Moka Express coffee machine. By the way, the name of the device comes from the port city of Mokha in Yemen, famous for its coffee until the 17th century.

device from port city of Mokha. Bialetti Moka Express


The Mustache Man first appears as the company logo. The reputation of the Bialetti brand skyrocketed and a pencil drawing of a mustache by Paul Campagna was used in one of the advertising campaigns. The success was so great that the mustached man became the company’s permanent logo, and the slogan “Oh, yeah, yeah… seems easy (to make good coffee)!” and took a place of honor among the catchphrases.

logo bialetti


Two companies, Bialetti and Rondine, striving for quality and innovation, start a merger headed by Francesco Ranzoni which is successfully completed in five years. The merged holding is called Bialetti Industrie S.p.A.


The high quality and attractive design of Bialetti’s products resulted in their huge popularity among customers. Due to this, the first retail store was opened and dedicated exclusively to Bialetti’s products.


Bialetti Industrie makes its first online listing on the Italian stock exchange (July, 27).

bialetti stock exchange


Drawing on years of experience in the production of coffee machines, Bialetti launches its first capsule espresso machine. I Caffe d’Italia capsules reveal the depth of taste of Italian coffee from the south to the west.


Painstaking work allowed us to redefine the concept of the classic Bialetti coffee maker. Thus a modern electric geyser version appeared, equipped with glass-ceramic and induction hobs. The new Bialetti Moka Express is made of aluminum combined with a heating vessel and stainless steel funnel.

Amazing Design Geyser Coffee Makers


Bialetti espresso machines take a new step forward: the new compact (only 34 centimetres) Gioia model looks great in the home kitchen and uses fully recyclable aluminium capsules.


Inspired by years of experience and true knowledge of the industry, the company launches Perfetto Moka, the perfect coffee created for brewing in the Bialetti Moka Express coffee maker. Luca Argento was chosen as brand ambassador.

bialetti perfetto moka

An excellent advertising campaign as well as delighted feedback from coffee lovers gave Perfetto Moka Bialetti overall recognition: in April 2022 it was named Product of the Year.

A survey conducted by Bialetti Industrie in 2010 showed that around 90% of Italian families own a Bialetti coffeemaker or a geyser.

The reason for these unprecedented results is that coffee is considered one of the indispensable attributes of a healthy Italian breakfast. For an Italian, a well-balanced breakfast is not a daily chore, but a real ritual to be enjoyed. The perfect breakfast, they say, is one that you make at home and eat with your family.

A cup of aromatic freshly brewed espresso in the morning is on a par with cappuccino and latte. Top off the drinks with cereal, cookies, toast, croissants, or seasonal fruit. Even if breakfast takes only 5-10 minutes and is often “on feet”, most Italians consider it the first happy moment of the day. And the Bialetti coffee maker is designed to make those moments even greater.

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