Choosing an electric coffee grinder

Electric coffee grinder

There are a few rules for selecting a good coffee grinder:

  • Your preference for coffee determines the type of grind needed.
  • Think about how much coffee you drink every day. By doing so, the machine’s size can be determined. 
  • Experimenting with tastes is something you enjoy? You’ll be able to create masterpieces in every cup of coffee with additional features. 
  • It is always best to use a burr grinder. It is not guaranteed that paddle devices will grind grains uniformly.

The uniformity of the grind is crucial

It doesn’t matter how the coffee is prepared, its flavor and aroma are directly affected by the grind. Even extraction is ensured by homogeneous grinding.

Coffee industry expert Scott Rao says that to get the best taste, you need to minimize both very small as well as large particles in a serving of coffee grounds. The issue is that small particles are guaranteed to add bitterness to a drink, whereas large ones cannot fully open. By removing these, you will be able to enjoy a smooth, sweet cup of coffee. 

The right particle size must be achieved when grinding particles. Burr grinders offer a more uniform grind than paddle grinders. No matter how novice the coffee lover, he or she can taste a difference between properly ground coffee and unground coffee.

Using a manual grinder versus an electric grinder

In order to choose a coffee grinder, you must decide whether you want an electric or manual grinder. Electric power is faster and easier to handle than conventional power sources. The indispensable assistant for those who drink a lot of coffee. Manual coffee grinders are an excellent option when making small quantities of coffee. Most are quiet, compact, and relatively inexpensive. Many avid coffee drinkers have both options in their kitchen. 

Variations of grinding: pulse, auto-grind, timer

Grinder options don’t matter, great grinding does. It will make your life much easier if you grind beans every day, however, if you have a few extra features. 

Most grinders are impulse grinders. As soon as you press the start button, the beans begin grinding. When you release the button, the grinding will cease. Simple. You might have an automatic grinding feature on your device that does not require you to press the button continuously. You only have to set the grind time and go about your business while your coffee is ground. Additionally, some models come with a timer option, which is even more convenient. 

There are machines with a dosing function that you can program. Making great coffee with your grinder has never been easier!  

Do you really need all these extra features? Would you be willing to pay more for them? 

Cook more than one serving at a time? Feel like you have to press a button every time you want a cup of coffee? If so, you will benefit greatly from additional options. In contrast, if you drink one or two cups of coffee a couple of times a day, a regular pulse grinder will suffice. The trend for classic simplicity never goes out of style. This will also save you some money.

The number of grind settings: what’s the sweet spot? 

Many electric coffee grinders come with dozens of settings that can be confusing. It allows you to have more control over the process. Do you really need 500 options? That depends on how you brew your coffee. It is human nature to follow the bigger is better rule, but when it comes to coffee grinders, you only need as many settings as you will need. Consequently, functionality and cost will be balanced. 

Here are a few general tips to help you decide on your settings: 

  • 40 or more. The amount is ideal if you like to experiment with flavors and are interested in brewing all types of coffee, such as cold and espresso; 
  • In the 20 to 40 age range. There are still a few more experiments to do, but it covers the most popular brewing styles;
  • Not more than 30. French presses and pour overs are both suitable for standard brewing. 

Turkish coffee must be ground to dust before it can be brewed. It’s even smaller than espresso. These options are generally not offered by conventional machines. If you choose an electric grinder, you will have to either purchase a Turkish coffee grinder or one of the more expensive models. A similar issue arises when cold brewing, which requires a coarser grind. 

How does ground coffee get to its final destination? 

Special coffee grinders designed for use with coffee machines come with a portafilter holder, into which ground coffee is directly poured. This feature will be appreciated by anyone who has transferred coffee grounds from a container to a portafilter. 

In drip brewing, the coffee grounds are placed in a special container by coffee grinders. The above options can be switched between by devices designed to brew all types of drinks. 

The type of coffee you will be brewing will determine whether you need an electric coffee grinder. The search for an appropriate device will be greatly facilitated by this. If you plan to brew espresso, having a portafilter holder comes in handy. However, if you want to use other brew options, be sure to remove this holder, as it will get in the way and make cleaning more difficult. 

Keeping the grinder clean is an important step to ensure that it runs smoothly, but it’s not very exciting. It’s a good idea to choose a device that’s easy to clean, and some models have this feature. It is possible to open and clean a Eureka grinder without worrying about losing the grind settings.

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