Geyser Coffee Maker: How To Make Delicious Coffee

An Italian engineer invented the geyser coffee maker in the early 19th century. Originally made of aluminium, the Bialetti Moka Espresso Maker is now made from aluminum, ceramic, and stainless steel. The thermal conductivity, hygiene, and ease of maintenance of the coffee maker will be considered.

There are two types of geyser coffee makers – electric and stovetop espresso makers that are placed on the stovetop like a kettle.

Workings of the Moka Espresso Maker

Simple in design, such a geyser coffee machines consists of three parts:

  • A container filled with water;
  • Coffee in a coffee filter or strainer;
  • Bowl’s top.

Heat from the bottom tank turns the water into steam. This steam, saturated with aroma and taste, makes its way upward through the filter. An appropriate tube is necessary to pour it into the upper container. Delicious coffee is ready as soon as all the water rises.

Geyser Coffee Maker - How To Make Delicious Coffee

How do you make coffee in a Moka Pot

  • Clean, cold water (preferably filtered) should be poured into the lower container until it reaches the mark;
  • Place the filter funnel on the lower container and fill it with ground coffee. Fill the filter to the top, but do not wake it up;
  • The top empty container should spin;
  • You can place a coffee maker on the stovetop or on a special heating base (unless you have an electric coffee maker);
  • When you hear the characteristic gurgling, turn off the stove immediately.


  • For best results, use medium grind coffee. Water that has been coarsely ground will rise quickly and won’t be saturated with coffee’s flavor or aroma. If it’s too shallow or hard-packed, water may not be able to get through;
  • Some people prefer hot water as it makes the coffee brew faster. But I prefer using cold;
  • It tastes better if the water has been filtered;
  • When using a gas stove, set it to minimum heat;
  • Before brewing, I like to grind the coffee. I use a manual coffee grinder (you can find out how to choose a manual coffee grinder here);
  • If you hear water gurgling or hissing, the coffee is already pouring into the upper bowl and the machine can be turned off;
  • Some water may remain in the lower bowl – this is not a problem.

1. Pulcina espresso machine by Alessi – modern and functional

In the form of a chicken, this unusual coffee maker is available in three sizes: 1, 3 and 6 cups. Red and black are the colors of the top button and knob.

Although this Moka coffee maker is beautiful, it is also extremely functional.

Having the spout look like a chicken’s beak, it cuts off the flow of water thus producing fewer drops. The moka coffee pot will still not make your coffee bitter even if you suddenly fail to turn it off in time (the unusual shape is the reason why they say this happens, and reviews indicate that it works). 

Like any designer coffee maker, Alessi Pulcina Espresso Coffee Maker is a bit pricey. However, the functionality and unusual look are definitely worth it.

Induction hobs are not suitable.

2. The Bialetti Rainbow Espresso coffee maker offers excellent quality at a reasonable price

Bialetti is a time-tested manufacturer of espresso coffee machines with the best value.


  • Capacity: 3 pints

  • Brand: Bialetti

  • Color: Yellow

  • Special Feature: Abnehmbarer Tank

It’s a great range of coffee makers, with options for 1, 3, 6 and 9 cups, based on your family’s needs.  As a result of its shape, it distributes heat evenly and very quickly during heating.

Using the Bialetti coffee maker is very simple, and it is suitable for almost any stove (but not induction). Put water and coffee in a pot, boil it, and then put it on the stove. Aromatic coffee is ready in a few minutes (depending on the volume). 

Also, the moka pan is quickly cleaned – it’s disassembled, cleaned, and then it’s done.

Definitely – the Bialetti espresso coffee maker is a classic.

3. Bialetti New Moka induction coffee maker – top for induction stove

The Moka Induction is a coffee maker suitable for induction hobs.


  • Capacity: 150 Millilitres

  • Brand: Bialetti

  • Color: Black

  • Special Feature:Safety valve; not dishwasher safe; suitable for electric stoves, gas stoves and induction cookers

It uses two layers of technology:

  • Cooking can be done on induction hobs thanks to this layer of steel;
  • Aluminum interior – evenly distributes heat and prepares perfect espresso.

It’s not hard to find a coffee pot that will hold 2 cups if you cook in small batches.Cooking in it is as simple as making coffee in a classic Bialetti. Do not wash in the dishwasher (but for me, all Geyser coffee makers are better washed under running water).

4. Espressobereiter by Cucina di Modena – a unique glass mocha coffee maker

  • Capacity: 300 Millilitres

  • Brand: Cucina di Modena

  • Material: Glas, Edelstahl

  • Special Feature: Kanne

A glass coffee maker with a borosilicate glass top. There is no difference between cooking in it and in regular mocha pots. Most stoves (except for induction) are suitable for this. Drop it, or the top part might break. 

One of its main highlights is the glass top container. The way the coffee from the straw gurgles and fills the upper bowl is very interesting to watch. You will never miss the moment when your coffee is ready.

In addition, its price is very attractive.

5. The Cuisinox Roma Espresso Coffeemaker tops the list!

Cuisinox Roma coffee maker is expensive, but its quality makes it worth every penny!

  • Capacity: 6 Cups

  • Brand: Cuisinox

  • Material: Stainless Steel

The premium class consists of:

  • This design is for a conical shape. Stainless steel is a more useful material than aluminum. 
  • Due to the strong construction, you won’t have to worry about the handle falling off or the lid flying off. 
  • It is dishwasher safe and works with induction cookers!
  • Handle and body are made of stainless steel, but at the same time, it does not get very hot.
  • A 25-year warranty is provided.

The top choice, if you’re not scared off by the price.

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