Hand grinder review for March 2022

When I was thinking about buying a manual coffee grinder, like many others, I found it difficult to decide which model to purchase. Just looking at the huge catalog of coffee grinders made me feel overwhelmed and tired. Due to this, I would like to assist you with your decision and tell you what to look for when buying a coffee grinder. My goal is to answer frequently asked questions about buying a coffee grinder.

  • The Porlex Mini is what I use as my leader. This is a type of grinding that is easy to use, compact, precise, and uniform. Moreover, it is minimalistic in design.
  • Zässenhaus Santiago – elegant retro design (for many, it’s the preferred choice), large volume for coffee. 
  • Hario Canister – cool design, suitable for those who like making coffee for several cups at a time.

A Porlex Mini Grinder 20g of coffee

Porlex Mini is one of the best Japanese coffee grinders. It is constructed of stainless steel, so it is durable. Porlex’s rubber grip handle makes it comfortable to hold. The grinder handles turn smoothly when grinding coffee. 

In addition to being among the smallest grinders on the market, the mini coffee grinder measures just 5.1 by 2.3 inches in size. Because it is lightweight and small in size, you are able to bring it with you when you are traveling or camping. Using the AeroPress with the coffee grinder will ensure your safety. 

Ceramic burrs inside the grinder are durable and conical. In addition to not absorbing odors and not rusting, such millstones are also extremely durable and easy to clean. Porlex coffee grinders utilize ceramic burrs for grinding coffee beans precisely from fine to coarse. By turning the dial until it clicks, you can select the grind level. 

While holding the grinder with one hand, I was able to turn the grinder handle.

Container capacity is about 20g. I can grind beans in just a minute without extra effort.

Best Coffee Crinder

  • 20 gram capacity;

  • 0.5 pounds weight;

  • Stainless steel;

  • 47 mm diameter and stands 130 mm tall

These are some of the features I liked about this grinder:

The main disadvantage for me is:

  • A minimalist style body;

  • Its stainless steel body ensures durability and strength;

  • The instructions are given in three languages: French, English, and Japanese;

  • Seven-year warranty on mechanism;

  • You can easily adjust the grinding degree;

  • It's a small size!

  • Costly

Ziesselhaus Santiago Coffee Grinder

Some people, like me, place the most importance on appearance when choosing a technique. Zassenhaus’ Santiago coffee grinder was designed in the style of an elegant retro classic. Her German manufacturer gave her a sturdy beech wood hull. The aesthetics of Santiago will be appreciated not only by coffee lovers, but also by people who care about aesthetics. 

I like that the bean container is quite large – 28g, and the coffee dispenser is 17g (perfect for my big cup).

The grinding coarseness can be adjusted by turning the screw.

Wood Manual Coffee Grinder

Due to its large size, the coffee grinder was inconvenient for me. It is easy to use if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and hold it between your knees while grinding coffee. However, not everyone will find this option convenient.

Also Best Coffee Grinder

  • 120 Gram capacity;

  • 1.92 Pounds weight;

  • Ceramic;

  • 0.31 x 0.24 x 0.16 inches

Why I Like It)

For Me, The Main Disadvantage Was(

  • A minimalist style body;

  • Its stainless steel body ensures durability and strength;

  • The instructions are given in three languages: French, English, and Japanese;

  • Seven-year warranty on mechanism;

  • You can easily adjust the grinding degree;

  • It's a small size!

  • the size of the coffee grinder.

Hario Ceramic Canister Coffee Grinder

The thing I liked about the Hario Ceramic Canister top was its design and the fact that the container for ground coffee was large enough for me. It is possible to grind coffee for several cups at the same time (this will be useful in a large office or company). The container is 119 grams. Due to the small size of this grinder – only 14 grams – you will have to add coffee beans to it.

It is difficult to hold the grinder with one hand as it is wide. In spite of the fact that it is covered in anti-slip silicone, which keeps it from tipping over.

Canisters are typically used as storage containers with stoppers to close them.

Also Best Coffee Grinder

  • 120 Gram Capacity

  • 2 Pounds weight;

  • Ceramic;

  • 0.31 x 0.24 x 0.16 inches

What I liked best was:

I am upset about:

  • Created;

  • The lid of a large coffee storage container;

  • Coated with silicone to prevent slipping.

  • Ceramic millstones that cannot be replaced;

  • Bean container of small size.

Lido E-T Manual Coffee Grinder

What’s your favorite way to make coffee? Do you like to travel? You will love Lido E-T. Yes, most grinders are compact, but this one has a rubberized handle that folds over the lid! An accessory maintenance tool is also included in a neoprene sheath. Lido E-T uses BPA-free plastic, which is safe for health and lessens the weight of the coffee grinder.

The conical burrs have been hardened to cut through coffee beans quickly. A perfect espresso machine is Orphan Espresso LIDO ET. You can choose from the finest to the coarsest grinding and still be assured of its uniformity. Furthermore, special rings on the body provide stepless adjustment, which allows you to adjust the grind without limitations. You can select the degree of grinding you need with one ring, and fix it with the other.

Its volume is also an undeniable benefit: you can make enough coffee for an entire office.

  • Orphan Espresso

  • 2 Pounds weight;

  • 13.5 x 3 x 3 inches

Why I Like It :)

In minus

  • Container volume;

  • Conical steel milling cutters made in Switzerland;

  • Grinder with infinitely variable parameters;

  • Folding handle and carrying case.

  • Pricing.

F FINEC is a manual wooden grinder

F FINEC is an excellent manual coffee grinder for people on a budget. Because the wooden body of this mill is made from a single piece, it won’t crack. The ergonomic handle allows you to grind the required amount of grains quickly.

One of the most amazing things about this coffee grinder is the burrs, which don’t rust and heat up less than other materials. On the bottom of the grinder, you will find the adjusting screw. I am very pleased with the amount of coffee she can grind! 

F FINEC is supposed to be good for travel, but I like how its wooden body looks in the kitchen at home or at the office. When it comes to choosing something for travel, I would choose Lido E-T. It’s also nice to have such a charm on the backpack.

  • F FINEC;

  • Cast Iron;

  • For Chopping, Grinding


  • Create;

  • Millstones made of cast iron;

  • Low maintenance;

  • Pricing.

The Orphan Espresso Fixie Hand Grinder is the best hand grinder for traveling

 Fixie Hand Grinder – designed specifically for travel. The grinder provides a fine grind in a very small size of 6.5 inches by 1.75 inches, and can hold about 50 grams of coffee beans. When you travel, it is important to be able to adjust the grind size easily.

Grains are loaded into a side-loading hopper using a silicone plug. Carbon fiber is used to construct the bunker.

Full-length handle allows for easy grinding with this coffee grinder.

With the Fixie is a bag with a drawstring crank pocket, as well as a small box for adjusting the dials.

  • Orphan Espresso;

  • Aluminum;

  • 330 Grams.

What I liked

  • Fixie disks made of Delrin for easy grind adjustment;

  • Body made of carbon fiber;

  • Steel conical burrs hardened to a high degree of hardness;

  • Holders for axles and burrs are made from aircraft-grade aluminum;

  • Having a removable handle and cover;

  • Stackable bean container.

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