Types of coffee machines Jura: an overview

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks on the world market, and there is an incredible variety of ways and approaches to preparing it. It is usually prepared by hand or with the help of specialized equipment. The rapid development of the household appliance industry with each year more and more introduces coffee machines Jura as an indispensable attribute of restaurants, specialized coffee shops and home kitchens.  Today, their range is so huge that select the best suited to your needs model of the coffee machine without the presence of specific knowledge – a problematic task sometimes.

This article contains comprehensive descriptions of coffee machines for all occasions: for the office, for a restaurant, for a coffee shop, for home. You will learn the types of machines available, the types of drinks you can get with them, as well as the positive and negative sides of each particular type of coffee machine. You will be able to better understand the types of coffee machines, to understand which one is ideal for your business or home kitchen.

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A detailed review on the characteristics of the machines on the market, as well as recommendations on the choice of the device will help to navigate and decide when buying a machine.

There are several types of coffee machines that are popular:

  • automatic;
  • carob;
  • capsule;
  • pods;
  • geyser and drip coffee makers;
  • electric brewers.

Automatic coffee machines

This family of coffee machines includes a wide range of models, equipped with special programs, which are designed for a huge variety of different types of coffee drinks. A distinctive feature of these devices is that the operator does not need to constantly monitor the brewing process. The most modern technically advanced machines are capable of performing the entire range of necessary manipulations, including grinding the beans and removing the remains of grounds, in automatic mode.

In order to fully appreciate the merits of high-quality Jura coffee machines, we divide the presented models into two categories: professional devices and devices for home use.

Professional coffee machines

This type of machines is designed specifically for use in restaurants and specialized coffee shops or offices. A distinctive feature of such machines is an advanced functionality, which affects the price: professional models are usually more expensive than their domestic counterparts.

Buying a professional coffee machine, you get: a high power, which allows you to increase the volume of water and beans, as well as significantly reduce the time required to brew coffee, thermostat, several mechanisms for making drinks. An additional advantage of such machines is the option of full automation of the process, which eliminates the need for constant participation of the operator in the preparation of coffee.

Coffee machines for home

Jura coffee machines designed for home use differ from their professional counterparts by their compactness and more modest tank capacity. Nevertheless, the functionality of built-in programs allow you to brew quality coffee, controlling certain parameters of the future beverage, for example, the temperature of the finished product or the cup filling level. In this way, the user can avoid common mistakes in preparation, which usually occur due to non-compliance with the rules of brewing coffee drinks manually.

Espresso machines

These machines got their name because of the special holder socket (another name – “horn”), which is filled with fine ground coffee. This feature is the factor that determines a whole family of varieties of coffee machines. The devices specialize in the preparation of one particular type of coffee – espresso, including coffee drinks that are based on espresso.

Among the characteristic features of the design of carob coffee machines can be distinguished the presence of possible automatic grinding of beans, the presence of a cappuccinator (a device that whips milk for cappuccino) and the function of automatic shutdown after the completion of a given cycle of work. The basic principles of the operation of these devices can be called a pump and steam. The pump principle implies that boiling water under great pressure passes through the coffee mass. The steam one functions in approximately the same way, but the hot water is replaced by steam.

Any coffee machine has a set of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of carob coffee makers include:

  • brewing speed; 
  • the function of maintaining the temperature of the finished beverage; 
  • low consumption of coffee beans;
  • the ability to create a beautiful crema on the surface;
  • durability of the device; 
  • some models provide additional functional elements.

You can highlight the following disadvantages:

  • the presence of nuances that complicate the care of the coffee machine;
  • a small range of available recipes for coffee drinks;
  • large size; 
  • high price range.

Cappuccino machines

This type of devices is characterized by a special principle of preparing coffee drinks: it uses small portions of coffee placed in special capsules.  The brewing process itself is quite simple: the capsule is placed in the coffee maker, where a needle pierces it several times in different places, and then it is squirted with hot water under pressure for a minute. After this, freshly brewed aromatic coffee fills the cup. It is important not to forget to throw away the used capsule as well as the spent coffee grounds when the beverage cycle is over.

Among the advantages of the capsule coffee maker should be highlighted:

  • high-quality finished drink with excellent taste;
  • rapid preparation;
  • ergonomic design;
  • small overall dimensions;
  • low noise level during operation.

There are also disadvantages:

  • both the device and the capsules cost a lot of money;
  • low percentage of compatibility between capsules for different models of coffee machines.

Pod coffee machines

Pod coffee machines can be called the original mix of the previous two varieties of devices. Their principle is similar to that of a coffee carob, but the holder has been modified, making the process of brewing coffee much easier. Dish coffee machines instead of standard coffee beans are placed in the cup – a special small bag filled with coffee powder prepared for making a drink.

But the basic principle of the dull models is similar to the capsule coffee maker, but instead of putting a capsule inside the device is placed inside a sealed package of extruded coffee powder.

There are many positive aspects of the coffee pod machine:

  • the finished drink almost completely retains its flavor at the output;
  • the brewing process is fully automated;
  • the device is almost noiseless;
  • the device is compact;
  • it does not require complex care;
  • there is a possibility to control the consumption of coffee.

At the same time, it is necessary to note the negative factors:

  • coffee tablets, as a rule, are expensive;
  • modest range of drinks that can be prepared;
  • it is difficult to find the necessary pods on sale;
  • one brew cycle – one beverage;
  • there is no way to adjust the strength level of the finished coffee.

Drip coffee makers

Customer reviews state that this family of coffee makers is the easiest to use and one of the most affordable to buy. Its internal structure is quite simple: a tank for water, a boiler, a filter with a funnel for coffee beans, a container for direct preparation of drinks. Additionally, the device can be equipped with an automatic shutdown or delayed power-on function.

The principle of operation of drip coffee makers is also not complicated. At the beginning of the cycle, the water is sent to heat up in the boiler, after which it travels through a tube up to the coffee filter, from where the beverage is already ready and falls into a container designed for it. The coffee brewing cycle is considered over when all the water has moved into the container.

Drip coffee makers have a lot of advantages:

  • the device is simple and easy to use;
  • in one brewing cycle it is possible to brew several coffees at once;
  • high flavor and aromatic qualities of coffee drink;
  • simplicity, reliability, safety in operation;
  • a wide range of models;
  • affordable price.

In addition, not without a few disadvantages:

  • you can only make espresso or Americano;
  • you can not adjust the strength, and the finished drink is not too strong;
  • filters need to be systematically cleaned and replaced;
  • high coffee consumption.

Geyser coffee makers

A tall metal kettle divided into two parts is the familiar look of a geyser coffee maker. The bottom part is the water tank, which also has a strainer for coffee. The upper reservoir is designed for the finished drink. According to the type of heating element, geyser coffee makers are divided into gas and electric. Electric ones will need access to a power outlet, but the gas ones can be taken with you on a picnic or a hike: to brew a cup of fresh, aromatic coffee on the campfire will not present any difficulty. 

The basic principle of these coffeemakers is very simple. The lower part of the device is filled with water, ground coffee is poured into the strainer, then the structure is connected and fixed. The brewing process itself is similar to that of the drip models. When heated, the water turns into steam and rises through a tube to the coffee filter. Then the liquid undergoes another filtration stage and through the tube falls into the upper part, which is designed for the finished drink.

Geyser coffee makers are incredibly popular first of all because of their advantages:

  • coffee never “runs away”;
  • no grounds in the beverage;
  • rich taste and pleasant aroma of ready coffee; 
  • you can also prepare tea or medicinal infusions;
  • compact and easy to use; 
  • democratic price range.

Among the disadvantages worth noting:

  • filter and pads need to be replaced regularly; 
  • need to monitor the coffee grind: only coarse coffee is used; 
  • there is a risk of getting burned from the metal parts, which are heated during operation. 

Electric coffee brewers

The design of turks working from the mains, reminiscent of conventional jezzers, but more voluminous, and the principle of their work is similar to the electric kettle. To brew coffee using an electric turkey, after adding the ingredients, you must install the container on a special base, which is connected directly to a power outlet. When the liquid in the brewpot is brought to the boil, the heater is turned off automatically or by pressing a button.

Modern electric brewers have a lot of positive aspects:

  • the ability to make a lot of coffee easily and quickly;
  • compactness of the device;
  • ability to take the distillery with you on vacation or on a business trip;
  • modern design with a graceful simplicity of design;
  • affordable price range.

Not without its negative aspects, among which are:

  • constantly forms scale, which must be cleaned off;
  • the finished drink does not differ bright taste;
  • some models do not support the automatic shutdown.

What coffee machines Jura are designed for cafes, fast food restaurants or offices?

In order to choose the right coffee machine, based on its functionality, you must first determine:

  • the range of coffee drinks;
  • the total amount of coffee you need to prepare in a day;
  • specialized functions, among which the presence of options for heating cups, grinder, flavoring, cappuccinator, and others.

Keep in mind that the greater the number of cups you need to make, the more powerful you need to choose a professional coffee machine. For example, if you plan to install a coffee machine in a fast food restaurant or cafe, the average calculation of cups of coffee prepared will be a hundred, which means that the selected device must be able to cope with such a volume, and to facilitate the preparation – have the ability to automate the process to the maximum. This is exactly the kind of device that belongs to:

ModelJura X8 PlatinumJURA GIGA X3c Aluminium
Max. daily performance80 cups150 cups
Number of drinks2132
Preparation time for 2 espresso shots48 seconds56 seconds
DisplayColor displayColor touch display

All Jura machines have high-capacity grinders, the range of possible coffee specialties exceeds 30 names, and the net capacity is up to 200 units of coffee during the working day. One coffee portion is made in about two minutes, which in turn allows quality and with minimal time to serve customers.

What coffee machines are suitable for the home

Criteria for choosing a home coffee machine depends entirely on the preferences of the chooser. Thus, connoisseurs of traditional coffee do not need a cappuccinator. If, on the contrary, you are a fan of coffee drinks, particularly lattes or cappuccinos, then you should pay attention to models equipped with this function. Perfect for the home kitchen:


Number of drinks




The presence of a coffee grinder

Programming and setting the coffee strength




Types of drinks

Ristretto, Espresso (doppio) Cappuccino, Latte macchiato, Flat white, Macchiato, etc.

Ristretto, Espresso, Macchiato, Cortado, Latte, Flat white, etc.

Ristretto, Espresso, Cappuccino, Espresso doppio, Macchiato, Cortado, Latte macchiato, Flat white, etc.

Comparison of coffee machines Jura E8 vs S8.

The specified devices are able to prepare a variety of coffee drinks, as well as have a built-in grinder and a lot of programmable options, including self-cleaning. Thus, these coffee makers significantly reduce not only preparation time, but also the cost of caring for the machine.

What to choose?

How to choose the right one for you among their huge variety of coffee machines? First of all, you need to define the criteria that must conform to the desired machine:

  • Purpose: home kitchen, catering, office;
  • Performance plays an important role if the device will work in an institution with a large flow of customers;
  • assortment of coffee drinks and necessary additional features such as coffee grinder, cup heating, cappuccinator, self-cleaning and others.

Once you have decided on the main characteristics, choosing the right Jura professional coffee machine for you will not be a difficult task.

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